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will become a virus killing machine.

“my dog was as sick as a dog…..I was even thinking about having her put down. I just didn’t know what to do. My neighbor gave me Herbadog and in three days my dog was back to sleeping in my bed” “Amazed and grateful “ 

Your Dog is a perfect machine

Eocene-Early Oligocene (37-28 million years ago)

Did you know that domestic dogs' ancestors roamed the earth millions of years before the appearance of the first human? This makes the evolutionary features of the modern canine family a truly winning design.

Yet the digestive track of the modern day K-9 and its ancestors have remained virtually unchanged.

Therefore, feeding a dog on a kibble-based diet can be compromising in many ways.

A dog's immune system is like an invisible shield that protects it from invading bacteria and viruses. But the strength of its immune system depends on eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise, and avoiding environmental toxins and stress.

Herbadog is a herbal mix designed to turbo boost your dogs immune system so well that nothing bad could flourish.

3-10 days is all it takes to restore your dogs original health.

Lets be honest your beloved dogs diet doesn't resemble in anyway shape or form the type diet your dogs DNA requires. No wonder our dogs are sick and suffer from all types of Immune deficient illnesses.

So what do we do to help them?
We send them to the vet to become inoculated with all types of vaccines and drugs to fight off infection.
We don't feed our dogs the nutritional support they require.
"The funny thing is we eat foods out of a bag and we are a sick population, we feed our dogs processed foods and they are sick. Humans take supplements to stay healthy and dogs just get crazy looks from the owner.... Why are you sick……you're a dog you have an easy life?" - breeder in Montana

We sure don't give them the fruits and berries and twigs and roots they ate in the forrest to fight off infection naturally.


Let's just analyze your dogs immune system with common sense.

Dry dog food off the shelf usually contains grain content (wheat, corn, barley, oats) that is more plentiful than the meat content. This is a problem for 2 reasons:

1. Dogs have no nutritional requirement for grain.
2. Dogs do not produce enzymes to digest grain or obtain nutrients from it.

That can only mean one thing, eventually your dog’s immune system will fall susceptible to: 
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • cancer
  • chronic infections
  • conjunctivitis
  • dental problems, including gingivitis
  • herpes FeLV
  • immune suppression
  • skin-demodicosis
  • respiratory ailments
  • stomatitis
  • urogenital problems
  • respiratory ailments
  • stomatitis
  • urogenital problems

Using nutritional supplements to boost the immune system in times of illness is very important for any sick pet.

All you have to do is return your dog to its ancestry.

35 million years of evolution can and will reverse your sick dogs symptoms.

We have compiled a list of Herbs that will return you beloved dog to a happy, healthy and whole K-9

List of herbs click here

All you have to do is add a pinch of the herbs  to your wet dog food and mix that up with whatever dry dog food you are currently using.

“ I am a dog breeder and I use Herbadog,  I’ve  had on several occasions clients bring the puppy back and ask for a refund and I say give me till the weekend and you come back and lets see how you feel “

“Every time without fail they say I can’t believe it my baby looks fine how did you do it”

“I always say Ancient Chinese Secret “

“Thanks herbadog for helping me stay in business”

If Herbadog doesn’t reverse your dogs illness asks for a full refund!

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